I've been a member of B.S.A.C. Club London Hellfins since 2007. The photos above were taken on dive trips with them a pair of Red sea Bannerfish in the Red Sea (obviously) and a Wolffish taken on a dive of St Abbs in the UK 


Many, many years ago, in the 70's, when I was a student, a dinghy sailor Hunter boats introduced a sixteen foot trailer sail-er the Oliver Lee designed Hunter 490. I always hankered after one then. A few years ago, while browsing on ebay, as one does I saw one offered for sale and put in a silly bid, as one does. Shortly after Hunter 490 "Tingle" arrived.  She was lacking sails and lots of other bits and pieces and needs a bit of work but albeit very slowly due to other commitments she is progressing. There is a Yahoo Group for the Hunter 490, information on them can be found at Sailboatdata.com there is a blog on them by a chap called Bill and I "plan" to add a blog to this website on progress made on mine 


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I have a Laser dinghy she's no 188042 I've called her Dom, because I bought her with money  I was left when my Aunt died (my Aunt was actually called Doreen but for some reason in the family she was always called Dom) I keep her at Erith Yacht Club, race her when there's an event on and err.. the weather is quite nice. I can do OK when the winds are light (the youngsters get bored and you need to spot the eddies). The Laser is quite a physical boat and in any sort of a breeze, someone who's giving the other competitors 40 or more years and whose first thought on seeing a puff coming is "ooh me back" is at a bit of a disadvantage but whatever, sailing her is fun.

In October 2014 we visited the International Harwich Shanty Festival, travelling there by boat. Here are some videos taken, during the passage and around the town.

Video 1 showing Hara on passage to Harwich, arrival at sundown.

Video 2 Video 3

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