The Collier Brig

The Worst Old Ship that ever did weigh
Sailed out of Harwich on a windy day

And we're waiting for the day, waiting for the day,
Waiting for the day that we get our pay

She was built in Roman time,
held together with bits of twine

For the skippers half Dutch and the mate's a jew
Crew were fourteen men too few

When I shipped aboard I was drunk
When I awoke I was in my bunk

Nothing in the galley, nothing in the hold
Skipper's in his bunk with a bag of gold

Off Orfordness she sprang a leak
Hear her poor old timbers creak

We lay closehauled off Lowestoftness
When the wind backed round to the South Sou West

Through the Coppers at Cromer Cliff
Steering like a wagon with a wheel adrift

Into the Humber and up to the Town
Pump you bastards, pump or drown

Her coal was shot by a Keadby crew
But her bottom was rotten and it went right through

So we'll be waiting...


Midi Sequence Credit - Harri Crenband